14 Apr
Can we use a trimmer while charging?

Let's start with the question, "Can we use a trimmer while charging our battery?" In other words, we are just going to leave the trimmer plugged in and not use it while charging. Why? Since most trimmers have a very short operating time, and if we leave it plugged in, it will take its battery power from the car battery, and it won't operate at all.

Most trimmers have a very small charge life, of only about 15 minutes or so.When we leave it plugged in, it's consuming the battery power right away. This is a bad thing because the battery, while it is charging, is not making any energy and it will do absolutely nothing for us! How terrible is that?! It is important that we use a trickle charge only while the battery is at max capacity.What happens when we don't? Let's imagine a scenario where we are leaving the hair salon and are plugged in to a 10-foot extension cord. 

We are using the power, which is provided by the charging system, to power the hair trimmer. Now we are at the facility and the system says to us, "hey, you are using too much power". It then turns off the power to the trimmer, and we are left with an unused connection. Now we are left with a dead battery and no trimmer at all.If we use the power wisely and leave the trimmer plugged in, the battery will charge while the extension cord is plugged in. If you are looking for best trimmer under 1500 in india then must read this article today.

And then when the trimmer is turned on again, the power will come back on! This is a nice feature and one that every battery has. Unfortunately, most of us do not know this simple fact, and leave the battery charged and dead.What can we do to avoid this? Let's assume that we know that the battery is only going to charge while the device is being used, and we leave it plugged in. 

What can we do to keep the battery from dying out? There is only one solution to this and it is to make sure to charge the battery overnight. This simple rule will save you a lot of money, and it even allows you to get longer run times for your battery.

Now that you have learned how to keep your battery charged while charging it, there is no reason that you cannot charge the battery overnight as well. Many of us fail to do this, and then complain that their batteries never get fully charged. Do not let yourself be one of those people!

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